We are determined to increase community awareness and the capacity of partner organisations to prevent family violence.

In 2013-2014

  • Family violence related assaults rose by 4.2%, compared to non-family violence-related assaults, which decreased by 3.6% (Victoria Police, 2014).
  • 83,404 family violence incidents were reported in Victoria in 2013/14
  • Across Victoria, 45,585 family incidents were attended by police which resulted in charges being laid against one or more parties involved in 2013/14 - this was an 8.1% increase from the previous year (Victoria Police Family Incident Reports 2009/10 - 2013/14)
  • Children and young people were involved in 29.2% of family violence incidents in Kingston, 24.8% in Bayside, 24.6% in Glen Eira, 23.8% in Stonnington and 22.4% in Port Phillip in 2013/14 (Victoria Police Family Incident Reports 2009/10 - 2013/14)

Let’s change that and join us!

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The Southern Melbourne PCP Family Violence Working Group is working collaboratively with over 20 community groups, partner organisations, schools, local media and neighbouring Primary Care Partnerships to develop a shared understanding of family violence issues. Together we are:

From November 25 - December 10, 2015 we flooded social media to spread the word, spreading 16 messages in 16 days for the 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

Our activities are outlined in more detail in the Working Group'sOperational Plan.

Visit our resources page to access more useful information.

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