baew1The Health Promoting Communities: Being Active Eating Well project was a Go for your life initiative aimed at increasing physical activity and healthy eating. The Kingston Bayside Primary Care Partnership was funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Department of Planning and Community Development from July 2007 until June 2010 to implement the project. The project was one of six funded community demonstration projects across Victoria.

The project involved working with residents, schools, early childhood services, local agencies, community groups and businesses to support physical activity and healthy food choices with a focus on children aged 0-12 years.

The project was delivered in the communities of Clayton South in the City of Kingston and Hampton East, Highett and Sandringham in the City of Bayside (with a focus on public housing communities). These two local government areas are located in the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

A range of programs and activities were delivered within the communities to support healthy choices around being active and eating well.

They included:

  • Provision of several community based programs to share knowledge and build skills within the community
  • A healthy message campaign to increase awareness of Being Active Eating Well messages
  • Provision of training and resources for health professionals and staff from primary schools and early childhood services
  • Support for primary schools and early childhood services to create healthy places for children
  • Making positive role modelling a part of all programs

Snapshots of the major initiatives provide more detailed information about the different programs that made up the Being Active Eating Well project. The achievements of the program ranged from strengthened partnerships and a more skilled workforce through to improved eating and physical activity behaviours in the community. A number of reports and resources are available on our website or by contacting our office.

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