Family violence prevention

Freedom from violence was identified as a strategic priority in the 2013-2017 strategic plan and the Family Violence Working Group (FVWG) formed in March 2014 to address this priority. The working group set themselves the goal to contribute to the prevention of family violence in the catchment area with the following objectives:

  • To increase the capacity of partner organisations to prevent family violence
  • Increase awareness of family violence in the community

The Prevention of Violence against Women and their Children Statement of Commitment was developed by the FVWG as a practical capacity building strategy for partners. It set out both guiding principles and specific action areas for family violence prevention, enabling member agencies to review progress and plan for improvement.

couple 790828 1280 3849 smpcp 600 pxPrinciples:

  • Gender equity
  • Community responsibility in prevention
  • Human rights
  • Partnerships

Actions areas:

  • Awareness initiatives
  • Leadership
  • Whole of community approaches
  • Provision of inclusive and equitable working environment
  • Advocacy

The Statement of Commitment was signed by 17 SMPCP member agencies, with signatories making a public commitment to leadership in preventing violence against women and their children in order to create a safe, inclusive and respectful community.

Download the SMPCP Prevention of Violence against Women and their children Statement of Commitment 


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